About Dalyan
Dalyan – Turkey’s Most Hospitable Town

When you’re preparing to purchase a holiday home or retirement villa, you know that the location will be the thing that makes or breaks your investment. And that’s exactly why Dalyan is such a popular place to build or buy a home or villa.

A Picturesque Riverside Town

Nestled between the famous districts of Marmaris and Fethiye on Turkey’s south-west coast, Dalyan has grown alongside the picturesque Dalyan Çayı River. Properties overlooking this calm waterway will overlook the small boats which ply their trade up and down the river, transporting people and goods throughout the district. Built close to the ancient ruins of Kaunos, Dalyan comes from the Turkish words for "fishing weir”, thanks to the large numbers of bass, mullet and sea bream that spawn upriver. As these fish return to the sea, they are caught in the "dalyans”, offering sport and food for local fishermen.

A Place of True Natural Beauty

Fish make up only a small portion of the natural bounty that can be found close to Dalyan, as local farms produce huge varieties of fruit and vegetables which are sold in the town’s Saturday market. The local countryside is one of Turkey’s most fertile areas, with cotton and citrus crops enjoying the warm, temperate climate almost as much as vacationing visitors do.

Iztuzu Beach – "Best Beach in the World” Winner, 1995

But it’s the local marine life that made world headlines back in 1986. When developers wanted to build a hotel on nearby İztuzu Beach, they threatened a breeding group of Loggerhead sea turtles. The work of local conservationist June Haimhoff, joined by David Bellamy, ensured that the beach is now a protected area for both the turtles and relaxing holidaymakers in nearby villas and homes. This combination of nature, history and a friendly, hospitable local culture has made Dalyan a firm favourite with everyone who visits. So it’s no wonder that so many people choose to purchase holiday properties in this secluded slice of paradise.