Finding Buying and Selling
Property Sales Services from Sunray

Buying property in Turkey is a fairly straightforward process – even for buyers from other countries. And when you ask Sunray to manage the purchasing process for you, it becomes a simple matter of choosing the property you want, and leaving the rest up to us.

Buying a Property in Dalyan

The first step to buying a property in Dalyan, Turkey, is to find a property that suits your requirements and needs. Our website currently showcases a number of properties, holiday homes and villas with pools, which you canbrowse at your leisure here.

If you require a more personalised service, simply get in touch and we’ll take a detailed brief. That way we’ll be able to prepare a brochure of properties that meet your precise requirements.

Once you’ve chosen the property that suits you best, we’ll manage the passport checks and liaise with the local authorities to ensure that your purchase will go through without a hitch. Then you’ll be provided with a title deed (tapu) and the property will be yours!

It really is that simple!

Selling a Property in Dalyan

If you’re looking to upgrade to a larger villa, downsize to something smaller or raise the funds to build your perfect holiday home from scratch, then Sunray Property will help you sell your existing Dalyan property.

We’ll match your property to our database of existing buyers, and email the details to those clients we think would be most interested – ensuring a higher chance of your property selling quickly and easily. We’ll also cast the net wider by working alongside collaborative agents in Turkey and the UK.

What’s more, your property will be featured on our website, along with up to 30 pictures and full descriptions. We’ll then advise you on how best to market your property, arrange viewings, and provide you with full and candid feedback.

With help like this, there’ll be no tedious waiting around for your property to sell, and your money will soon be freed up for a new investment!