7 Facts to help you buy

There is so much conflicting advice and figures being thrown around at the moment that the team at Sunray Property have gotten together 7 cold hard facts that will not only help you fall in love with the beautiful country ofTurkey, but show you why you need a home here!

We understand that buying a home in Turkey could be just the change you need in 2017, so feel free toget in touch nowif you have any questions or enquiries. Our experts have properties all over in many shapes and sizes to fit every budget, so make the right choice withSunray Propertynow.

1. It’s so economical

Living in Turkey can be extremely attractive for foreigners as your money goes further! Whether you’ve always wanted a place where you get on average of 300 days a year of sun, you’re looking to retire or you want to invest in a holiday property, you will certainly get more bang for your buck here. If, like many of the Sunray Property clients you have Dollars, Euros or Pounds, then you can take advantage of favourable exchange rates whilst they last. From buying property to eating out (see below), you can see why Turkey is popular with the fabulously frugal.

2. You get more for your money

Turkish Lira

So not only does your money go further, but you get a higher quality property too, what is this dream place?! Properties in Turkey are still built to European standards rather than their Middle Eastern counterparts. There are many legal regulations that have to be followed as well as all the safety checks you could shake a stick at, so you know that buying property in Turkey isn’t a risk.

3. The sun shines on the righteous!

As we mentioned earlier, Turkey gets on average of 300 days of sunshine a year, who wouldn’t want to live in that! Buying a property in Turkey, particularly the southern areas like Bodrum, Dalyan and Marmaris are recorded as having the healthiest environments in the world too. The summer times go on forever, the winters are favourable and (unlike many European cities) the air pollution is very low. This mix of sun and health means that many families and those of retirement age choose to contact Sunray Property for houses in Turkey, simply to live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

4. The Please and Thank You’s never end!

When people visit and view properties in Turkey with Sunray Property, one of the first things they say is, "Everyone is so polite!” You will never meet a Turk who won’t give you the clothes off the back if asked (or were willing to pay enough!) and that welcoming nature is often a big difference for the growing expat communities. English is being spoken more and more as schools and academies have been teaching it regularly for a while and if not, they will always help you so you don’t feel the fool. Whether they are pouring you another cup of mint tea or chatting away to you, the hospitality is simply amazing.

5. Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Turkish Food

If we hear one more joke about ‘eating turkey in Turkey’, we’ll scream! Apart from that, the food in the area benefits from a rich and diverse cultural influence. If you enjoy a varied diet, then purchasing a home in Turkey is a must. Due to the heat, Turks try to eat fresh as much as possible and everything uses succulent meat, tasty vegetables, and local fruits, but that’s not including the sweet dishes! If you have a sweet tooth, Turkey is your heaven. Every trip out consists of popping deliciously sweet delicacies into your mouth as a healthy boost to your day. The best part is that many use organic ingredients and as mentioned earlier, the cost is much lower than Europe so your groceries will cost pennies rather than pounds. Eat like a king at your Turkish house through Sunray Property.

6 It’s like nowhere else.

When people explain why they bought a property in Turkey, the word ‘unique’ is always used. This international gateway means travellers from all-over the world choose to make their home here and bring a small amount of cultural diversity with them, without changing what makes Turkey so beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on buying to invest or want to move to live in Turkey, this is the perfect blend of East meets West too for your new home. Small or big, Sunray Property have a place for you.

7 It’s so easy!

At Sunray Property, we pride ourselves on having a no jargon approach to buying a property in Turkey. The simplicity of the buying process means that you won’t end up pulling your hair out. From viewing your dream home in turkey to placing the deposit, we can ensure that you understand every step of your journey. Usually, once all clearance is granted, you can have the keys to your new Turkish property in a matter of days. Did you know that buying a property is one of the top 3 most stressful experiences? Well not with Sunray Property, our team are on hand to make all your dreams come true.