Turkey the land of the New You

Gone are the days when owning a holiday home in Turkey meant overeating, too much alcohol and general lazing around. Today's discerning travellers now often opt for the more healthy options, travelling to health resorts, spas, retreats and wellness centres around the world andTurkeyis one of the top ten destinations in the world.Sunray Propertyhave compiled a list of how easy it is to enjoy your new life in Turkey.

From more holistic treatments and spa retreats to dental work, plastic surgery and even life saving procedures, the new trend of tourism is rapidly rising and Turkey has it all, from its glorious sunshine, fresh local produce, natural spas with their thermal springs and mud baths to health resorts and wellness retreats. With Turkish tourism experiencing a low period, grabbing yourself a bargain is key. Many places offer holistic therapies and practice mindfulness, this along with the natural resources that Turkey has to offer the, its no surprise it’s such a popular destination for a home in Turkey.

Turkey is continuously working on developing innovations in the health sector. Large investments in the health care system has provided the necessary infrastructure to be able to accommodate international patients and offer procedures at considerably lower prices, not only that, they can offer high quality treatments with the best available medical professionals.

Essentially, you can purchase a holiday home in Turkey and come back a whole new you!

Soak Up The Rays

Ok, so we know too much sun is bad for our skin and can do considerable harm. However, in moderation a little dose of sunshine can do us the world of good and Turkey offers plenty of it. The right balance of Vitamin D also known as the "sunshine vitamin” can lift your mood, regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorous and facilitates normal immune system function. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth as well as improved resistance against certain diseases. So put on some sunscreen and a good hat and soak up some of Turkey's plentiful rays, then give Sunray Property a call to make the best decision of your life.

Dalyan mud baths Spa

Natural Spas

Relax, unwind and forget all your worries in one of Turkey's thermal springs and mud baths. TheSultaniye Spa nearDalyan offers thermal springs and mud baths together, creating a completely natural spa. Turkey is a volcanic country so the geothermic activity bubbling under the surface brings a wealth of health benefits, which you could soon live near!

All your stress will simply float away as you slip intoa hot spring or thermal bath, but not only this, these thermal waters provide amazing health benefits and are even known to prevent disease. Full of minerals like iron, zinc and calcium, occurring when the waters seep through the deep soil to the surface. In turn the heat relaxes the muscles which aids the healing of ligaments and other injuries. The waters can provide better circulation, treat skin conditions such as acne and eczema, detoxify, boost immunity and even relieve anxiety.

The clay from the mud baths atSultaniyealso boasts a number of health benefits that a day spent here will leave you feeling like new. While you may not be too sure the idea of swimming around in mud and leaving yourself out to dry covered in grey clay as a whole lot of fun, the benefits are well worth it and you may just find it more relaxing than you think. The clay offers incredible anti-inflammatory properties, alleviating any aches and pains, drawing out any toxins and impurities in your body and skin and can even help to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and rosacea. A fun and relaxing day combined with great health benefits and baby soft skin, what’s not to love?


So there you go, not only is buying a home in Turkey a cost effective option, but it’s actually proven to be good for you too! At Sunray Property, we work with your budget in mind to find you the dream Turkish home.Contact us now.