Relax in Dalyan Turkey
Buying a property in Turkey doesn’t just mean that you’ll spend each and every day lay on a beach soaking up the rays. Your new Turkish home gives you access to some of the best relaxation techniques in the world, and atSunray Property, we can’t wait to tell you about them.

Whether you are just looking for a little R&R or to make some significant life changes a retreat holiday can give you what you need and is a perfect way to make a little well-deserved you time.

Hamam DaylanOwning a home in Turkey gives you access to some fantastic getaways, from theLifeCo Spa, which has been known to include rich and famous guests such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. This is a rather full on detox retreat not for the faint hearted with daily treatments such as colonic irrigation and visits to the cryosauna (a very cold fridge). Perhaps your house in Turkey already has a fridge large enough for you to get in?!

There are some other great options too that are a little more focused on wellbeing, holistic treatments and yoga and like many aspects of Turkey, will cost you a lot less than elsewhere.

The Natur-Med Hot Springs and Health Resort is an oasis for those who need to look after their wellbeing and need rest and healing, with a variety of health activities and natural treatments for chronic illnesses and everything one might need for mental and physical wellbeing. The resort is located at Davutlar-Kusadasi in the Samson Mountains near the Aegean Coast.

Spectrum Turkey is another great retreat, located in Dalyan, with villa style accommodation and private poolside rooms with holiday schedules that include yoga & meditation, pilates, painting, qi gong & healing, reiki and juicing & detoxing. All of these retreats offer a cheaper stay if you own Turkish property nearby meaning you don’t need the accommodation.

These are just a few of the wonderful retreats and resorts that Turkey has to offer, making it an obvious place for your new life in Turkey,

Turkey really has it all when it comes to wellness its no wonder it's the sixth most visited tourism destination in the world and as with all health, this often starts from within…

An abundance of healthy food.
Turkish food
The beauty of eating local produce is it's freshly picked at the peak of ripeness, maintaining flavour and nutrients. With Dalyan being a coastal town most of what you will eat will have been grown, caught or produced locally and can be easily transported back to your home in Turkey. As well as the health benefits to eating local your carbon footprint conscience will be clear, you will be contributing to the local economy and most of what you eat will most probably be organic and preservative free.

Long before becoming a tourist destination, the once sleepy town ofDalyanrelied on agriculture for the local economy. This is why there are plenty of opportunities for you to purchase cheap homes in Turkey as they are converted from the days gone by. Locally you can get olives, citrus fruits and pomegranates which cost much less than their European counterparts, especially with the current exchange rate. The town's name, Dalyan, literally translates to fishing weir, obstruction were placed wholly or partially across the Kaunos and Çandır river, to direct the passage of fish and used to trap fish as they attempt to swim upstream, or migrate downstream, know as fishing weirs.

Dalyan has so many fantastic restaurants to choose from cooking fresh local food and a wonderful weekly farmer´s markets with an array of colours and smells, It’s understandable why Sunray Property is popular with people searching for a new home in Turkey.