5 Things to see in Dalyan
What is most striking aboutDalyanis it's outstanding and unspoilt natural beauty, the marvellous weather and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it will leave you wondering why you never visited before and why you should buy a home in Turkey with Sunray Property.

A small and quiet riverside town just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. A town that around 20 years ago entered into the world of tourism where visitors could discover this charming destination.

Turkey itself is a diverse multi-cultured country where people of different religions, race and cultural backgrounds live together and Dalyan is the perfect example of many cultures living and working in harmony. The Turkish are famous for their hospitality and you will be received with a warm and open hearted welcome.

Dalyan has so much to offer and discover, the perfect place to own a holiday home with so much, history, culture, people, food and outstanding natural beauty, just check out the list below to see what Sunray Property think is the most important things for you to checkout.

Dalyan TurtlesIztuzu beach

An experience not to be missed is Iztuzu beach is not only stunning, its also the nesting ground for hundreds of local caretta caretta,loggerhead turtles. More fondly known as turtle beach, enjoy a relaxing water taxi ride through the reeds of the Dalyan delta and maybe you will spot a few Nile turtles that live in the river along the way.

June Haimoff, or Kaptan June, founder of Dalyan’s fantastic Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation has worked tirelessly since the 1980's to protect these breeding grounds from developers and cooperate take overs.

Mud baths

A visit to the mud baths is also highly recommended. You may feel as though you've arrived on a scene of "The Walking Dead” as tourists bake under the sun covered in the grey mud clay.

Back in Roman times these mud baths were used as a spa a treatment facility due to the natural health benefits of the water, mildly radioactive but don't let this deter you. Rich in radon, sulphur, iron, calcium, potassium and a number of other minerals and at a temperature of 40 degrees, the rejuvenating skin benefits are quite amazing.

Dalyan TombsLycian tombs

Dalyan is steeped in history and its riverbanks are home to the majestic rock tombs that are carved into the cliffs. These ancient tombs are the resting places of the kings of the ancient city of Kaunos and date back to 400BC. Simply breath-taking, hard to describe, you have to see them for yourself when staying at your new home in Dalyan.

Archaeological site Kaunos

The ruins of the ancient city Carian, sprawl the coastal hills of Dalyan. Once an important sea port dating back to the 10th century BC and well worth a day of exploring. Wander the city walls, temples and Roman baths. The amphitheater is a must see, it's in such great condition that it is often used for local concerts.

Dalyan Market

A Saturday morning stroll around the market should definitely be on your to do list when buying a home in Dalyan. The town comes alive with the bustle of the market. Stalls are abundant with fresh fruit, honey, Turkish Delight, Turkish towels, olive soap, ‘designer’ handbags and ‘genuine-fake’ electronics, time to haggle in true Turkish style.

So now you’re in awe of everything for your home in Turkey, what can you do now? Sunray Property can help you with every aspect of your purchase and can aid integration too. Socontact Sunray Propertytoday.