What to Do in Dalyan

You’ve booked your holiday to Turkey and found your dream home with Sunray Property, now you’re probably wondering ‘Where to Visit in Dalyan’? This beautiful town is the epitome of ‘a lot to do, and a little time’ so taking some time to plan your trip is always a good idea! We’re always here to help you at Sunray Property, so this guide of the places you shouldn’t miss might be invaluable!


No trip to Turkey is complete without a trip to the beach, Perfect for families and couples, the crystal clear water is easily accessible by regular boats and buses. Once you’ve worked out where to visit in Dalyan, you can pack yourself a picnic or try some of the food and drink served on the beachfront. As an extra special treat, keep your eyes open for the Loggerhead Turtles that lay their eggs here.

Kaunos Ruins

Definitely high up on the Sunray Property Where to visit in Dalyan, this amazing area is an amphitheatre with a capacity for 5,000 and is still occasionally used for performances! Grab one of the cheap local ferry’s to visit but don’t forget your walking shoes. It’s also very close to some newly discovered Roman baths, wow Dalyan is steeped in history!

Dalyan Thermal Springs

If you picture Turkey you imagine yourself getting covered in mud at least once on your trip. Instead, why not try the many natural springs bubbling up from underground?! Warm, smelly and good for you! When used to bathe in and to drink it has a relaxing and beneficial effect on people that suffer from rheumatism, skin and blood disorders, heart ailments, bronchitis, nervous complaints, kidney and urinary problems and metabolic disorders. Many elderly people and recovering patients in need of convalescence regularly use the spring. Sunray Property will not only show you a good time but make you feel good too!

Dalyan Mud Baths and Spas

Where to visit in Dalyan? Easy, the mud baths! There are mud baths and spas that can only be accessed by boat but it does mean there are a lot of tourists around too, so get here early! This soothing mud will make you feel great and it’s said to draw out the toxins too, so you’ll look better! How many holidays can you say you actually look better after?


Looking for something more creative in Dalyan? This area is one of the best dive sites for beginners! Just sign up at a local agency and you could be swimming with vibrant colourful fish, octopi; you are able to take photographs whilst feeding the fish. Not suitable for younger children, there are many sea life viewing tours too.

As you can see from theSunray Property‘Where to visit in Dalyan’ list, there are some amazing things that you have to sample when coming to the area! If you’re still unsure, why not get in touch with the team here and we’ll put your mind at ease with our expertise and knowledge.