6 reasons to buy a property in Turkey

We don’t know just one, we know 8 reasons to buy a property in Turkey! We’re that confident that you’ll love it here; we’ve based our whole business around it! Read on to find out why you should make your new home in turkey.At Sunray Property, we know everything amount making the move here and can help your journey to be one of happy memories, good experiences and insider experiences.

Value for money

Buying property in very expensive, especially in and around the EU, plus the little extra costs that soon get added on can build up and cause a nasty surprise. Turkey is different and you get real value for money. The beautiful homes here are made to a very high standard and you could double the size of your house by buying a property in Turkey!

Living costs


The minimum wage in the UK is on the rise to allow for the ever increasing cost of living there. One of the many reasons people choose to invest in property in Turkey is the lower living costs. Electricity, gas, food, and drink and even clothing isso much cheaper, you get much more bang for your buck! Sunray Property’s team can even show you some of the nicest local restaurants that keep the costs low.

Great transport links

There is no point in living somewhere you can’t get to… and once you choose your amazing home in Turkey (see Value for Money – above), you’ll be getting lots of friends and family wanting to stay! The airports work all year round, there are lots of bus links and taxis are cheap too. The locals all look after each other too, so you’re never alone. One of the main reasons people will want to come and visit you is…


300 days of sunshine on average mean that buying a home in Turkey will soon top up your vitamin D levels! Grabbing a property by the sea or with your own pool is a nice way to enjoy the sun too, and Sunray Property has a huge choice for you to enjoy. Fancy a winter sun break, why not check out our selection ofHoliday rentals too?


One of the major plus sides for retiring to Turkey is the abundance of healthy, tasty foods. The Turkish are not lovers of the fatty Western food, so often go for tasty, filling, fresh food which is sourced locally. It’s no wonder the average age limit is much higher in Turkey!


You can’t walk anywhere in Turkey without bumping into historical sites. Roman ruins, the Ottoman empire, the caves of Cappadocia, it’s everywhere! If you like a stunning view and a walk with a story, contact Sunray Property now! Our reasons to buy a property in Turkey are just the tip of the iceberg!

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