Lets talk Turkey

The history of Turkey is a long and illustrious one, from the epic tale of Troy to some of the earliest known human cities ever recorded. The opportunities for travel in this country are unparalleled, there are more World Heritage Sites than you can count, stunning architecture that has survived a millennia, sculpted and formed by a lost generation of man that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

Turkey ´s location is essentially the centre of the world, you can fly to over 260 countries from Istanbul alone, Turkish Airlines has even won the best airline in Europe award 4 years running! Whether you are going to visit the land of the Turks or you are flying out, you have your pick of the crop.

The Turks themselves are well known for being some of the most hospitable people in the world and will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is a pleasant and memorable one. And remember it you will especially when you begin to divulge their incredible cuisine. Thanks to the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern influences, Turkey has some of the tastiest food on the planet, just don´t be surprised if you find chicken in your dessert!

One thing many people forget is the sheer enormity of the country! This makes it an obvious choice for travellers and adventurers from all over the world, you can discover temples and ancient ruins that date back to a time when the rest of man where simple hunter-gatherers, the Turks were well ahead of their time.

The value for money is another huge factor when it comes to attracting tourists, many people make the assumption that because Turkey is a part of Europe that it is going to be expensive… This is not the case! You can easily travel around, eat delicious food, and pay for accommodation for €60 a day between two people. This makes for an amazing travel experience!

Many of these travellers are now buying property in Turkey as it is affordable and you get quite a lot foryour money, and after all, why would anyone want to leave! From the incredible culture to the cost of living and not to mention a stone’s throw away from the glistening Mediterranean Sea… Make the smartest decision of your life, start your new life in Turkey.